ISKCON YOUTH FORUM- Back to Culture:  

His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Founder- Acarya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness {ISKCON}, had a deep desire to educate the youth of India in the science of Krishna Consciousness. He would often say to the Indian students whom he met at foreign universities, that it was the prime duty of Indians to learn the science of devotional service and spread it all over the world. This also was the instruction of Lord Caitanya, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who appeared in the fifteenth century in Bengal.

And to fulfill Srila Prabhupada’s desire, this endeavor to spiritually train youth, began in Sangli. ISKCON Youth Forum {I.Y.F} since then grew from strength to strength; more and more college students, professionals began joining either as resident devotees committed to Vedic studies or as congregational members. Today, IYF has over 100 members through Sangli city.


I.Y.F. is one of the most prominent and important branches of ISKCON, Aravade. Its main aim is to present systematically, the science of Krishna Consciousness in Schools, Colleges and the Corporate Sector. The purpose of I.Y.F. is to highlight the four pillars of religion i.e. Cleanliness, Compassion, Truthfulness and Austerity based on Vedic Philosophy and presented in a coherent and scientific way in Srila Prabhupada’s books. IYF-Aravade aims to educate youth in the Science of Spirituality and guide them to achieve the perfection of life. Back to Reason, and as is the slogan of IYF “Back to Culture”.


Under the umbrella of IYF services, seminars, lectures and workshops are conducted for the youth of Sangli in various Colleges, B-Schools, Engineering and Medical Colleges besides off site venues. A few features: “Life Style Management, a Vedic Alternative!” on Sundays 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm, in which youth learn how to identify solutions to the day to day problems on various fronts- fear, depression, anxiety, anger and are also exposed to other topics like time management, mind management. I.Y.F. also conducts a six day course on Bhagavad Gita known as “Journey of Self Discovery” which covers subjects like Who’s GOD, The Law of Karma,Who’s A Guru? Etc. There are classes on the timeless-wisdom of Bhagavad Gita under the program “Essence of Bhagavad Gita”, after which mouth-watering delicious Prasadam is served to all the youth. It’s not just these wonderful classes that are popular, IYF programs also feature Debates, Group-discussions, Quiz competitions, Question- Answer Sessions, Skits, Slide Shows, Multimedia Shows, etc. are organized in these programmes and scores of youth relish them. Srila Prabhupada’s transcendental literatures and Prasadam are also distributed.

The regular spiritual tours to Vrindavana are often cited by participants as the most attractive. Around 100-150 youth go on these two-day tours. “The Spiritual Environment of Vrindavana provides transcendental pleasure and feelings which are truly out of this world.”

Other than this, there are many cell Programmes running in different areas of Sangli,karad,Miraj,atapadi,malgoan,,icchalkarangi, tasgoan, vita etc. Youth throng these programs every week to benefit from the positive association and Life Style Management orientation.

In order to cater to rising demand from Youth for an opportunity to perform spiritual activities in a favorable atmosphere, free from the degrading influence of conventional hostel life, IYF has initiated the BACE Programme {Bhaktivedanta Academy for Culture and Education}. Within a very short time, the BACE concept has become so popular that the number of such BACEs. BACE is truly a home for the students, away from home complete with spiritual training and personal care.

Hundreds of youth participate in UMANG, the twice a year festival, participating with matchless enthusiasm in the Hare Krishna Rock show, Skits, Multimedia Presentation and Community Feast. IYF also organizes Harinama Sankirtana in Sangli Markets and distributes books and Prasadam. Chanting the holy names of the Lord and Dancing on the roads, scores of young Devotees become the cynosure of all eyes including many such youth. I.Y.F. also sets up stalls in various fairs and fests including the International Trade Fair and the World Book Fair.

And to cater to the techno savvy young generation, to bring them back to culture.

Like so called modernists try to make the youth indulge in activities of sense enjoyment, IYF guides the youth to activities in service to the Supreme Lord. It is obviously the choice of youth to either attempt to Enjoy with the Senses or Sense the Real Enjoyment. But IYF wants all of you Youth: Back to Culture.