Gaur Poornima Celebration 2017 at ISKCON Aravade

Hare Krishna dear Devotees!
Gaur Poornima Festival celebrated enthusiatically,Festival celebration started from Mangala Aarti followed by Bhagavatam class. Caitanya
MahaPrabhu started this congregational chanting of Hare Krishna so
devotees in Aravade arranged Nagar Sankirtan at streets of Aravade.
Also there was whole day Sankirtan in Temple Hall.
Gaurachand appeared at evening… we invite Lord Gauranga by
performing His Abhishek and then offering 56 Preparations. HG Abhiram
Thakur Prabhuji sang Gaura Aarti follwed by Lecture on Gauranga’s Pastimes.There were devotees from Sangali,Karad,Pune and from different Places.