Welcome to Sri Sri Radha Gopal Ji Mandir

The beautiful and attractive deities of Sri Sri Radha Gopal preside in this temple. A grand hall decorated with pastimes of Lord Krishna has been created in front of the Garbh-griha. It boasts a combination of modern and ancient architecture and Vastusastra. From a distance one can observe the tall outstanding domes of the temple. The sprawling Vrindavan Garden enhances the beauty of the temple premises. The Krishna Tattva Darshan is set to enliven all visitors, especially the school children who are generally spell bound by the effervescent beauty of the deities, Sri Sri Radha Gopal.

Flower Dress 2012

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During the Sri Krishna Janmastami Festival  2012 ,Sri Sri Radha Gopal Is decorated in  Flower outfits. The all Flowers is from nearby Flower gardens in sangli .

The dress in Pink & Purple color code.The Flower Dress is made  in under guidance of Nayana Utsava Dasa & Gaura Nitai Dasa ( Head Pujari)

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