Importance of Deepawali– festivals of Light—jai Yashoda Damodar!

Deepavali ! Deepavali! Deepavali! What is this Deepavali? Is this only a festival that we have been following it since time immemorial. The word ‘ Deep’ means lamp and ávali’ means ‘rows of lamp’. So we can say “Deepavali”is a festival of lights. What is the significance of Deepavali? Let us go back to Tetra Yuga to Ayodhaya to find out.
Ayodhaya was ruled by King Dashratha, who was a great virtuous King. He had 3 wives and Kaikayee was his favourite, because she saved his life in the war at a very crucial time. King Dashrath granted her two boons. The King Dashrath had four sons, Lord Rama was the eldest and beloved of all. Sri Ram got married to Mother Sita, daughter of Janak Raja, Kingdom Mithila Nagri. Just before Rama’s Coronation Kaikayee reminded King Dashrath of his two boons.  She told him to crown her son Bharat on the throne and second was to banish Sri Ram for 14 years exile to the forest. Ram gladly accepted his mother Kaikayi’s wish and left Ayodhaya accompanied by Mother Sita and Brother Laxman. The grief stricken Dashratha soon died in separation from his beloved son Sri Ram. After few years in the forest ,Sita Mata was lured by the demon King Ravana,Lanka. He was well known as Lankeshwar. Sri Ram with the help of Vanar Sena and General Hanuman, rescued Mother Sita And defeated Ravana. After completion of fourteen years of exile Lord Ram, Mother Sita and  Brother Laxman returned to Ayodhaya.

So it is in their honor that “Deepavali” is celebrated.So it is in their honor that “Deepavali” is clelebrated. Deepavali signifies the victory of Good over Evil .While Lord Ramchandra was out of His Kingdom His brother son of Kaikayi took the charge of the Kingdom and on the day on which Lord Ramchandra took the charge of the Kingdom is observed as ‘Deepavali’. It is one of the auspicious festival, also known as festival of light.

Today in India during Diwali all the shops, homes,schools etc are decorated with flower garlands and light lamps.People prepare lots of sweets and offer it to the Lord. They draw rangoli outside their homes and also near the altar.They buy new things.  People visit their friend and relatives house, to give warm wishes and sweets. Deepavali has become a day when all the darkness of life is destroyed and happy light of devotion appears.  

Is this the only reason to celebrate Deeepavali? No! There are more historical reason too. Let us know what are the other reasons:

1)  Goddess Laxmi’s Birthday – Godess Laxmi incarnated on the New Moon Day(Amvasya) of the Karthik month during churning of the ocean ( Samudra Manthan).
2) Lord Vishnu in his Fifth incarnation as Vaman avatar rescued Laxmi from King Bali.
3)  Lord Krishna killed Narakasura: On the day preceding Diwali Lord Krishna killed the demon King Narakasur and rescued 16,000  Princess from his captive i.e Narak Chaturdasi.
4)  The return of the Pandavas – Acc to the great epic Mahabharat it was Karthik Amvasya when the Pandavas appeared from their twelve      years of banishment as a result of their defeat in the hands of the Kauravas at the game of dice (gambling).
5)  The victory of Rama – Acc to Epic Ramayan ,it was the New Moon Day of Karthik when Lord Rama, Mother Sita And Brother Laxman        returned to Ayodhaya.
In this way all over the country lamps are lit and homes,shops offices,streets are decorated and fireworks set off in honor of the Lord. This lightening of lamps during Diwali is of course a holy ritual but apart from that it gives a significant message i.e to introspect our dark heart of jealousy, hatred, envy, arrogance, lust, greed etc and lighten it with lamp of transcendental knowledge.
Let’s celebrate Deepavali in ISKCON Aravde on 31st octomber 2016
Special events – Govardhan puja, Gopuja, Katha of Giriraj, Maha-arti and Mahprasadam   - By Sri Candrika Dasi