Srimad Bhagavad Katha Organized on 11 may 2015

 Hare krishna dear devotees! 

ISKCON Aravade organized Bhagavad katha. Speaker for Katha is HG Lalgovind prabhuji. Katha started from 11 may 2015. Venue for katha was Sangli. About 4000 devotees attended katha on day-1. There was all accommodation facility for outsider devotees to stay in Sangli. There was Prasad available for all devotees daily.

Also Book distribution was done on large scale by ISKCON Aravade devotees. Almost 8000 devotees attended Katha on day 7 and benefited by the necterian katha. Katha was organized under the guidance of our temple president HG Abhiram Thakur prabhuji. Also HG Dharmaraj prabhu, president of ISKCON Noida attended the katha.